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August 2019 Newsletter

High Country Pines Unit I

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HOA Board Newsletter

August, 2019

The HCP1 HOA annual picnic was held on July 5th and was attended by about 80 neighbors and their families. Mother Nature was kind to us this year with a warm, breezy day instead

of last year's rain. We want to sincerely thank those who took time out of their busy 4th of July schedule to enjoy meeting new people, reconnect with neighbors, and chow down on

some great food prepared by our expert chefs: Gary Somes, Rob and Don Plate, and Steve


The Board would like to extend special thanks to the following people for their help before,during and after the picnic:   Gary and Kathy Somes, Don, Joyce, Rob and Betty Plate, Jerry and Roseanne Fassbinder, Walter and Kathy Woys, Alan Tripp, Ron Dolan, Steve Vasey, and Wyatt and Willow Starks,

We would also like to thank those that brought side dishes and allowed us to borrow their chairs and tables. Again, many thanks to all that attended and we look forward to doing it again next summer.

Recently, there have been several instances where Homeowners have contacted individual Board members privately by phone or text in regard to Association business. This should

not be happening. Anything and everything involving HOA contact must be sent either by email or letter. This documentation provides protection for the homeowners and the Association by creating an indisputable paper trail. One of our goals as a Board is to give all homeowners fair and equal representation, not to give preferential treatment to those that might be acquaintances or have our personal contact information.

If you have an issue that is related to the HOA, (complaint response to a letter, Architectural Guideline questions, etc.) please send an email or a letter and we will respond as soon as possible. However, if there is a situation where immediate response is necessary

such as: loud noise disturbances, speeding vehicles, etc., contact NCSO. This law enforcement contact is verifiable documentation that will allow the Board to take any necessary actions to support and enforce the C, C, and R's and prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.

Due to our wet winter, the tall weeds and grass are overly abundant.  To help alleviate any fire danger, we are asking all members to be diligent in keeping their property[ies] trimmed.

If you have ventured up the hill lately, you know that ADOT is in the process of repaving SR 260, adding curbs, redoing driveways, etc. The project is supposed to be completed by the

end of September.

Navajo County Animal Control would like to remind all dog owners of Navajo County unincorporated areas that the leash law is in effect and all dogs in public must be on a leash. In addition, all dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and confined to the owner's

property and all dogs must be licensed. We would also like to remind all of our pet owners that all dogs must be leashed or confined in a fenced enclosure when outside. (Section 2,

Paragraph D of the C, C, and R's.) Also, if you walk your dog along the streets, in the green belt, or wherever, PLEASE pick up after your pet.

The 2019 mid-year financial report is available on our website and the 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 5th at 10:00 am at the HOA office. A reminder

will be mailed in late September.

We would like to make newsletters like this an ongoing thing. However, due to the ever increasing cost of postage, the newsletters would only be available to those members that have provided us with their email addresses and will also be posted on our website:


If we don't have your email and would like to receive the newsletters, or if you're not sure whether, or not, we have your email, drop us a line at;

hcplhoaboard@gmail.com and we will add your email to your confidential contact information.

If you would rather not get these newsletters, please let us know and we will take you off the email list.


HOA Email address: hcp1hoaboard@gmail.com

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Posted on Monday, April 23, 2018

Heber-Overgaard Fire Dept Info





If you have an emergency call 911.

We are located at:

2061 Lumber Valley Rd

Overgaard, AZ

Our Mailing address is:

PO Box 1010

Overgaard, AZ 85933

For all Non-Emergency needs or questions, call the station at:

(928) 535-4346
(928) 535-3175
Burn Line
(928) 535-6709